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Ace La

The Lone Wolf Mind of Music

 Whitney Latoya Hooten Born March 19, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. Music has been in her life since the day she was born. At the age of 2 she was captivated to listen and one day make her own music. But making music was not on her agenda just yet. (lol) Listen to all different types of music at a early age had a great effect on her,as well has watch her mother and other family in church and other Artists like Michael Jackson (who is a big influences on her), Janet Jackson, Stevie wonder, The Beatles, and so many others. At the age of 10 she took up drumming. but stop for a little while, (start back in high school and becoming a full time drummer at 19). But music was still in her life. For the next few years she strayed a away from music for a while. A young kid with not a lot of confidants. Then in 7th grade she got back into music. Singing song everyday (she learned how to sing when she was 3 yrs old) as well as dancing. some times  family, friends, and other people took notice. But she kept mostly her talents to herself. When she turn 15 yrs old, she started make her own music. It took her a min to get her music to the people. But now she is ready to show everyone what she’s got to offer.      


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