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WLH just got the news from Ace La and Mr. Miyagi about their new Beatape here is what they said:

Here is what yall all been wait for, the Track list for “Glorified, Motivated” which comes out on the 27th

1.Intro (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 2.Money,Thirsty, Love,Hungry (prod by Miyagi) 3.Traveling (prod by Ace La) 4.Her Last Summer (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 5.Sunrise (prod by Ace La) 6.First Place Pussy(prod by Miyagi) 7.Her Lust Demons (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 8.Janet, Mariah, Halle (prod by Miyagi) 9.My Turn Up (prod by Ace La) 10.Ben Franklins And Kush Blunts (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 11.Mr. Miyagi (prod by Ace La) 12.Satin Sheets (Feat. Ayane) (prod by Miyagi) 13. Not About That Life (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 14. Tumblr Ratchet Music (prod by Miyagi) 15.How Deep is your love (prod by Ace La) Bonus Track: Legendary Forever (prod by Ace & Miyagi)

so hashtag #Legendary4ever to let us know you gonna listen to it.

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